To prospective students: If you want to take Master Project with me, you must have taken one of the following classes before (CSC 250, CSC 254). Before contacting me (or any potential advisor), do your homework: read the advisor's home page and at least one recent paper. If doing this doesn't give you any interesting ideas, this is probably not someone with whom you want to do project so you shouldn't waste time contacting her or him. If this does, send a short introductory email with your resume and transcript.

As First Reader
Name Project Start Complete
Shweta Shenoy To Change or Not to Change: An Empirical Study of Password Expiration Policies Fall 2018
Bhuvan Bhatia Flight Delay Prediction Fall 2017 Spring 2018
Reena Dalavi Video-Based Emotion Recognition on Social Media Fall 2017 Spring 2018
Jaidipkumar Patel A Browser Extension to Detect Malicious PDFs Fall 2017
Pujitha Vemuri Detecting Malicious Shortened URLs Using Machine Learning Spring 2017 Spring 2018
Srivats Srinivasan Human or Bot Fall 2016 Fall 2017
Savleen Kaur Opinion Mining on Social Media Fall 2016 Spring 2017
Nishitha Vunnam Intelligent Rating System Fall 2016 Spring 2017
As Second Reader
Name Project Start Complete
Dennis Poon Implementing Refactoring Guidance into the Eclipse Refactoring Wizards Fall 2018
Michael Colson Enabling User-Mode Processes in the Target OS for CSC 159 Operating System Pragmatics Spring 2018 Spring 2018
Akshay Poosarla Bone Age Prediction with Convolutional Neural Network Spring 2018 Fall 2018
Aniruddha Rajguru Sensor Monitor for Android Spring 2018
Saranya Kalyanaraman A Software Oversight System Fall 2017 Fall 2018
Krishna Kaja Security Policy Implementation Using Graph Database Fall 2017 Fall 2018
Paril Shah Mobile Learning Application (Android Version) Spring 2017 Fall 2017
Utkarsh Trivedi Stock Pundit Spring 2017 Fall 2017
Pranavi Appana Mission Impact Analysis in Enterprise Networks Fall 2016 Fall 2017
Sushmitha Bachu Three-Step Authentication for an ATM Fall 2016 Fall 2017
Pallavi Vardhamane Detecting Botnet Traffic by Using Machine Learning Fall 2016 Fall 2017
Kristofer Robles Acceleration of Digital Forensics Functions Using a GPU Fall 2016 Spring 2017
Suraj Ponugoti Exporting SCSI Devices Through CTL Fall 2016 Fall 2016