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6/6/2017 Homework 1 has been posted.
6/14/2017 Homework 2 and 3 have been posted.
6/21/2017 Midterm exam is scheduled on this day.
6/26/2017 Homework 4 has been released.
7/12/2017 Final exam is scheduled on this day.

Lecture Slides

Topics Slides
Course Overview, Introduction, Mathematical Background, Theoretical Analysis of Algorithms PDF
Arrays, Lists PDF
Stacks, Queues PDF
Trees, Binary Search Trees PDF
Balanced Trees, AVL Trees PDF
B-Trees, Left-leaning Red-black Trees PDF
Priority Queues, Heaps, Heapsort PDF
Elementary Sorting, Advanced Sorting PDF
Recurrence, Divide & Conquer PDF
Sets, Dictionaries, Hash Tables PDF
Graphs: Overview, Traversals, Digraphs, Topological Sort PDF
Graphs: Shortest Path Problem PDF
Graphs: Minimum Spanning Trees PDF
Greedy Algorithms PDF